If you’ve still got a question or two, before you get onboard, check out our Frequently Asked Questions; you may not be the first to ask!

Unfortunately not. There are not many eligibility criteria, but you must live in Derby or Derbyshire to be eligible to participate.

You can – it all depends on the individual. Give us a call and we’ll decide whether it’s appropriate for you to join the workshops after they have started, whether you might be better to wait for the next cohort, or whether you should fill in the gaps with an Enterprise Adviser.

Yes, that’s a possibility. However, one of the real joys of the programme is graduating through the process and sharing your experiences with your fellow entrepreneurs.

No, we’ll try to put together an individual support package if you are absolutely unable to attend a series of workshops. That being said, the workshop programme does form the cornerstone of our support, so that is the recommended route to take.

We will try to accommodate you by offering out of hours support but this support is limited. It is worth talking to the project team to see what the alternatives are.

We appreciate that some flexibility is required. Work, childcare and so many other things come into play and might take priority over the programme. However, you should do your best to attend as many workshops as possible!

If you feel you don’t need to attend the session, nobody will force you to be there. However, it’s always good to look at things from a fresh perspective, so we’d suggest you come along. You might even be able to get involved in feeding back on other people’s plans.

Yes, in cases where there are no workshops for a number of weeks.

Don’t worry, that’s not the end of our support! At the end of the workshop programme, you will continue to receive dedicated one-to-one support from an Enterprise Adviser, helping you to build on the progress you’ll have made and fine-tuning your idea and launching your business.

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